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Rapid and sensitive detection of macrolide resistance in Mycoplasma genitalium is required for the guidance of adequate antimicrobial treatment. Previous studies have confirmed that single-base mutations at position 2058 or 2059 in domain V of the 23S rRNA gene of M. genitalium result in high-level macrolide resistance. Sequencing of PCR products remains(More)
The skeletal muscle-derived side population (mSP) which highly excludes Hoechst 33342 is composed of CD45(+) and CD45(-) subpopulations; yet, rareness of mSP cells in general has complicated extensive quantitative analysis of gene expression profiles in primarily isolated mSP cells. Here, we describe the isolation of adult mouse normal skeletal muscle(More)
1. General orientation of the volume: towards an empirical revolution The collective volume Cognitive Linguistics: Current Applications and Future Perspectives brings together specific case studies and critical overviews of work in a variety of CL strands. Written by prominent researchers, the chapters of the volume thus provide the scientific community(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to evaluate the relevance of dual target real-time polymerase chain (PCR) assays targeting the rtxA and cpn60 genes of the paediatric pathogen Kingella kingae. We also studied for the first time the clinical and epidemiological features of K. kingae infections in a Danish population. METHOD Children with K. kingae-positive cultures(More)
R. Kreienberg, Ulm Gynäkologe 2007 · 40:727–728 DOI 10.1007/s00129-007-2042-3 Online publiziert: 24. August 2007 © Springer Medizin Verlag 2007 J.H. Stupin1 · A. Kleine-Tebbe2 · A. Schneider2 · G. Kristiansen3 · A. Miersch4 · J.W. Dudenhausen1 1 Klinik für Geburtsmedizin, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Campus Virchow-Klinikum, Berlin 2(More)
The volume we are introducing here contains a selection of the papers presented at a special track on computational techniques for studying language variation held at The Thirteenth International Conference on Methods in Dialectology in Leeds on 4–5 August 2008. We are grateful to the conference organisers, Nigel Armstrong, Joan Beal, Fiona Douglas, Barry(More)
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