Gitanjali R. Shinde

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Multicasting is the transmission of one packet to a group of nodes identified by single source. In multicasting multiple copies of one packet are delivered to the group of destinations. A single host may be the member of more than one multicast group. In this paper we will discuss the classification of multicast routing protocols depending upon path(More)
ABSTRTACT As we know that there is a huge crowd in the malls in metro cities. Specially it becomes more crowded on holidays. People purchase different items in the malls and puts them in the trolley. At the cash counter billing process is done using bar code scanner. This is very time consuming process. To avoid this we are developing a system which we(More)
Multicasting The traditional idea in designing routing protocols treats a wireless link as a point-to-point link, and utilizes a single predetermined path to transmit data packets from source to destination. The opportunistic routing is new technology for designing routing protocols in multi-hop wireless network. Opportunistic routing takes the benefit of(More)
This paper describes the development and performance of a highly compact Monopulse Transceiver at Ka-Band for Airborne Applications. This transceiver is based on the digital synthesiser. The Ka-band exciter and three channel monopulse receivers are packaged in a small size and interconnected to achieve plug and play modularity and RS422 connectivity with(More)
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