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The fever is one of the commonest symptoms of disease in childhood. A mother's knowledge and conception of fever may determine the degree of her anxiety and fear, and reflect on the way the fever is managed at home. Our understanding of mothers' attitudes may help to improve the home management of fever by correcting unrealistic beliefs. Mothers of 100(More)
OBJECTIVE Studies determining the relationship between serum vitamin D status and childhood asthma have yielded controversial results. Findings indicated that vitamin D deficiency is associated with asthma and airway hyper responsiveness. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between serum vitamin D status and childhood asthma. METHODS Data(More)
Despite widespread knowledge about breastfeeding benefits for mothers and neonates, duration of breastfeeding is decreasing in most countries. However, lack of knowledge regarding breastfeeding and problems of lactation play a minor role in the discontinuation of breastfeeding in populations around the world that practice prolonged breastfeeding [1]. Some(More)
BACKGROUND Beta thalassemia major has a considerable impact on quality of life. The purpose of this study was to determine the life satisfaction of beta-thalassemic children and adolescents compared to healthy controls. METHODS This research, conducted in 2009, was a controlled, cross-sectional study in which beta-thalassemic patients, who were being(More)
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