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MoSHCA is a mHealth project designed to improve patient-doctor interaction and to promote the self-management of chronic diseases by the patients themselves. The number of people with a chronic disease is dramatically increasing worldwide. This is becoming a major obstacle for economic stability and growth and the sustainability of national health care(More)
In this paper we propose a highly parallel GPU-based bounding algorithm for computing the exact diameter of large real-world sparse graphs. The diameter is defined as the length of the longest shortest path between vertices in the graph, and serves as a relevant property of all types of graphs that are nowadays frequently studied. Examples include social(More)
Recent work on weighted model counting has been very successfully applied to the problem of probabilistic inference in Bayesian networks. The probability distribution is encoded into a Boolean normal form and compiled to a target language, in order to represent local structure expressed among conditional probabilities more efficiently. We show that further(More)
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