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We present a technique to prevent cheating in online-games. Our approach prevents both, modification of game-clients, and access to sensitive information in the game-clients' memory. It allows game-servers to detect cheating attempts. The mechanisms in our solution are orthogonal to the game-related mechanisms, allowing to clearly separate security-related(More)
We describe an ew purely software-based, self-checking mechanism designed to prevent tampering of client programs in client/server-applications like online-games, peer-to-peer networks, or online auction systems. Our mechanism consists of randomly creating checksum algorithms at the server.T he checksum algorithms are integrated into autonomous short-liveds(More)
Oppgavens tittel (norsk): Høytilgjengelige Transaksjoner Oppgavens tittel (engelsk): High Availability Transactions Oppgavens tekst: High availability distributed systems require fault tolerance techniques. The two most influential techniques, transactions and replication, have been developed and traditionally used as separate concepts. The candidate should(More)
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