Gisely Naura Venâncio

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UNLABELLED Amazonian biodiversity products that have been used for years in folk medicine, have emerged as feasible and promising alternatives for the inhibition of microorganisms in dental biofilm. Copaiba oil, a phytotherapic agent widely used by the Amazonian populations, is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, healing and(More)
Introduction and Objective: Modern dentistry seeks to offer increasingly esthetic treatments, aimed at patient’s well-being and satisfaction. In this perspective, this study aimed to conduct a literature review on the use of ceramic laminates as conservative and esthetic solution, addressing their indications, contraindications, limitations and its(More)
UNLABELLED The role of dentin cleaning is to remove debris that may impair adaptation and marginal sealing, quantitatively reducing microorganisms. The aim of this study was to investigate through scanning electron microscopy (SEM) the morphology of the dentin surface, cut and treated with copaiba oil emulsions (CO) and suspension of ethanol extract of(More)
Biofilm is a dense, whitish, noncalcified aggregate of bacteria, with desquamated epithelial cells and food debris creating conditions for an imbalance of resident oral microflora and favoring the destruction of hard and soft tissues by development of caries and gingivitis. The aim of this study was to obtain and characterize an extract of Libidibia ferrea,(More)
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