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Introducing Quantified Cuts in Logic with Equality
It is shown that the extension of the method to handle equality and quantifier-blocks leads to a substantial improvement of the old algorithm.
System Description: GAPT 2.0
GAPT General Architecture for Proof Theory is a proof theory framework containing data structures, algorithms, parsers and other components common in proof theory and automated deduction. In contrast
Facilitating Meta-Theory Reasoning (Invited Paper)
  • Giselle Reis
  • Computer Science
    Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer…
  • 16 July 2021
This paper will present some techniques that I have been involved in for facilitating meta-theory reasoning, and their combinatorial nature suggests they could be automated.
An extended framework for specifying and reasoning about proof systems
This paper shows how to extend the framework with subexponentials in order to declaratively encode a wider range of proof systems, including a number of non-trivial proof systems such as multi-conclusion intuitionistic logic, classical modal logic S4, intuitionistic Lax logic, and Negri’s labelled proof systems for different modal logics.
The Proof Certifier Checkers
The architecture of Checkers is described and it is demonstrated how it can be used to check proof objects by supplying the fpc specification for a subset of the inferences used by eprover and checking proofs using these inferences.
On the Generation of Quantified Lemmas
An algorithmic method of lemma introduction based on an inversion of Gentzen’s cut-elimination method for sequent calculus capable of introducing several universal lemmas given a proof in predicate logic with equality.