Giselle Maria Skelding Pinheiro Guillon

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Rhipicephalus microplus is the main tick that affects cattle. Plant bioactive molecules can be used to control this ectoparasite. The aim of this study was to evaluate the in vitro efficacy of Piper tuberculatum fruit extracts obtained with different solvents on R. microplus larvae and engorged females. Hexane, ethyl ether, ethanolic, and methanolic(More)
It has been reported that infants at higher than normal epidemiological risk for the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) have abnormal cardiac autonomic activity. A prospective work was performed using cardiopneumographic recordings (CPG) in order to evaluate heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) patterns in sleeping normal control infants (C)(More)
  • G Guillon
  • 1975
The use of mesterolone (30-75 mg daily for 60 days) in the treatment of primary and secondary male sterility (oligospermia, asthenospermia, a bnormal sperm viscosity, limited sperm survival time) in 141 patients is reported. Improvement of at least 1 symptom was seen in 44 patients. In 19 cases, the spouse became pregnant. The lower dose was associated(More)
The anatomy of the ventral epithelial surface of the human uterine endocervix was investigated by S.E.M. from biopsies taken at various periods of the menstrual cycle and from whole cervices obtained by hysterectomy on the 17th and 22nd day. Ciliated and secretory cells which constitute the epithelial surface appeared to be associated at random in various(More)
  • G Guillon
  • 1980
Systematic measurements of basal blood prolactin (PLR) levels were conducted in 383 patients with sperm anomalies or features of marital sterility of hyposterility, and 47 subjects consulting for sexual disorders. PRL levels were rarely abnormal in the patients in the two groups. Though systematic measurement of PRL levels should still be continued in(More)