Giselle Alvarez

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The DO Collaboration reports on a search for the standard model top quark in pp collisions at +s = 1.8 TeV at the Fermilab Tevatron with an integrated luminosity of approximately 50 pb '. We have searched for tt production in the dilepton and single-lepton decay channels with and without tagging of b-quark jets. We observed 17 events with an expected(More)
| We consider the problem of characterizing the lithology of a reservoir using gamma ray logs as well as seismic traces around the well. We rst calculate the continuous wavelet transform of the the data and then use the fact that the energy of such transformation is proportional to a power of its scale. The technique consists in estimating the power(More)
The distribution of the transverse energy in jets has been measured in p p collisions at p s = 1:8 TeV using the DD detector at Fermilab. This measurement of the jet shape is made as a function of jet transverse energy in both the central and forward rapidity regions. Jets are observed to narrow both with increasing transverse energy and with increasing(More)
The calculation of two-and four-particle observables is addressed within the framework of the truncated polynomial expansion method (TPEM). The TPEM replaces the exact diagonalization of the one-electron sector in models for fermions coupled to classical fields such as those used in manganites and diluted magnetic semiconductors. The computational cost of(More)
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