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OBJECTIVE The implantation of cardiac resynchronization/defibrillation devices (CRT-Ds) increasingly is used in patients with congestive heart failure and left bundle-branch block. There are no data on the effects of anesthesia and surgery on outcome after implantation. DESIGN A retrospective, observational study; postoperative survey. SETTING(More)
The aim of the study was to analyse the intrauterine effects of Chloroquine on the dendritic maturation in the hippocampal region under considering of the lipid composition in brain tissue. 131 brains of rat pups from day 22 of pregnancy and 49 brains from offsprings from day 7 of life were investigated. The findings indicate changes in the geometric(More)
In diesem Beitrag sollte der Frage nachgegangen werden, ob sich verhindern lässt, dass Patienten mit Schmerzen psychischer Genese operiert werden. Zwei Kasuistiken werden vorgestellt, bei denen es Patientinnen gelang, aufgrund ihrer histrionischen Persönlichkeit Ärzte für eine operative Schmerztherapie zu manipulieren. Im 1. Fall handelt es sich um eine(More)
BACKGROUND Appropriate medication is an important and substantial part in the therapy of tumor-induced pain. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to investigate the efficiency of anaesthesiology-based consultant service characterizing the quality of this type of treatment in daily clinical practice of a university hospital, i. e., in the patient(More)
The aim of the study was to analyze the intrauterine and postpartal effects of Chloroquine on the dendritic maturation in the hippocampus and on the expression of GABA within hippocampal interneurons of the stratum moleculare. Fifty-nine brains of rat fetus on day 22 of gestation and 37 brains from rats from postnatal day P7 were examined. We found changes(More)
Background: It is widely accepted that manifestations of pain cannot be detached from the case history, accompanying diseases, and the individual medication profile. An indirect association between pain and aggression (due to psychosis) as a cause of administration of neuroleptics has not been described yet. Aim & method: Here we report the connection(More)
Case 1 reports of a 65-year-old female patient with a 32-year history of MS and a 4-year history of TN (V2 only). Further findings were a hemiparesis and hemiplegia lasting 1 year and a history of hypertension. She was suffering from pain attacks with a visual analog scale (VAS) of 10/10, which made eating impossible. The bouts appeared 20 times per day and(More)