Gisele Touzet

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OBJECTIVE We sought to assess performance of noninvasive prenatal testing for fetal trisomy in a routinely screened first-trimester pregnancy population. STUDY DESIGN This was a cohort study of 2049 pregnant women undergoing routine screening for aneuploidies at 11-13 weeks' gestation. Plasma cell-free DNA analysis using chromosome-selective sequencing(More)
In Parkinson's disease, poor motor performance (resulting primarily from abnormal cortical activation during movement preparation and execution) may also be due to impaired sensorimotor integration and defective cortical activity termination of the ongoing movement, thus delaying preparation of the following one. Reduced movement-related synchronization of(More)
Different types of neurostimulation are proposed essentially in cases of chronic neuropathic pain, non controlled by anticonvulsivants and antidepressants. The aim is usually to activate a failing inhibitory system, involved in the transmission and the modulation of the nociceptive stimulus. The site of stimulation (transcutaneous, spinal cord, thalamic) is(More)
Functional neurosurgery procedures are long and specific. Cooperation of the patient may be necessary during surgery. The interference of anaesthetic agents with electrophysiological monitoring should be as little as possible. Local anaesthesia combined with intravenous sedation is often used, but general anaesthesia is more comfortable and secure. Since(More)
Numerous tumour types can occur in the pineal region. Because these tumours are uncommon and heterogeneous, it is often difficult to establish optimal treatment strategies based on comparative clinical trials. To date, the role of radiosurgery for the treatment of pineal region tumours remains controversial. This report of a 10-year single-department(More)
Eighty cases of chronic subdural haematomas (SDH) in elderly patients (over 80 year-old) are reported retrospectively. The estimated incidence of the disease is 17 cases per 10(5) per year. The main presenting symptoms were confusion and impaired mentation. Surgical treatment was performed in all patients. Biological disorders deserved particular attention(More)
In the context of chronic pain, the technics of neuromodulation have a significative place especially when they are neuropathic with a precise selection of the indications according to the neurophysiological, anatomical and clinical data. The choice is essentially based upon the severity and the site of pain. They are totally conservative, adaptable and(More)
Cerebral stereotaxy is an old methodology allowing an accurate approach of a lesion or a function, in constant renewal with the introduction of computers and robotic. There is a natural complementarity with recent neuroradiological investigations and together, it is possible to reach cerebral deep-seated or functional structures with inocuity and fiability(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Pineal tumours account for 1% to 4% of brain tumours in adults and for around 10% in children. Except in a few cases where germ cell markers are elevated, accurate histological samples are mandatory to initiate the treatment. Open surgery still has a high morbidity and is often needless. Biopsies can either be obtained by endoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Biopsies of brain stem lesions are useful for histopathological analysis, which guide appropriate treatment. The frame-based stereotactic procedure is the gold standard technique for biopsies of the brain stem. For the past few years, a frameless stereotactic robot, the NeuroMate robot (Renishaw, UK) has also been used for brain(More)