Gisela Torres de Clunie

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Architectural Engineering Technology AET (for its acronym in English, Architectural Engineering Technology) using game development tools for creating 3D virtual environments. Institutions of higher education, using 3D game engines in order for students to acquire skills in designing and modeling using this technology. We describe the development of a(More)
This paper is about the development of MLEA, a platform that assists, through Android cellphones and tablets, the mobility of users of learning virtual environments. MLEA is an application that implements computational techniques such as web services, design patterns, ontologies, and mobile computational techniques in order to allow the communication(More)
Social networking sites are great tools for aggregating and bringing people together, in the sense they offer various forms of interaction. This article defends the idea that social networking sites have great potential to expand education beyond the classrooms. In this article, we discuss the main advantages and difficulties of using SNS for educational(More)
The traditional teaching methods of the Learning Management Systems (or LMS) are rigid in nature and impose limitations on the teaching process. By having a closed pattern, these tools end up hurting the student, for preventing it from interacting with anyone who shares the same interests as him. As a result, the concepts of community, relationship and(More)
denominado aprendizaje móvil (o m-learning), el cual facilita a los estudiantes el aprendizaje a cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar. Este trabajo presenta la propuesta de diseño de una arquitectura de apoyo al aprendizaje móvil, que facilite a los usuarios del Programa de la Universidad Virtual, de la Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá, interactuar de(More)
This paper presents the results of an experiment in which, through the implementation of a collaborative instructional model for teaching the most common techniques for evaluating the usability of user interfaces, it validates the role of interactions between students collaborative activities. The interactions and the application of the model facilitated(More)
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