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Prosody, particularly accent, aids comprehension by drawing attention to important elements such as the information that answers a question. A study using ERP registration investigated how the brain deals with the interpretation of prosodic prominence. Sentences were embedded in short dialogues and contained accented elements that were congruous or(More)
We are compiling a corpus of Dutch texts annotated with discourse structure and lexical cohesion, containing initially 80 texts from expository and persuasive genres. We are using this resource for corpus-based studies of discourse relations, discourse markers, cohesion, and genre differences. We are also exploring the possibilities of automatic text(More)
  • Peter Bosch, Francis Cornish, +8 authors Liliane Tasmowski
  • 1988
This paper considers linguistic evidence concerning the form of focussed representations of discourse referents and the linguistic means used to access such representations. It is argued that two forms of representation can be distinguished, one of which, explicit focus, is accessed via linguistic representations of discourse referents, whereas the other,(More)
Hiermit erkläre ich, dass ich die vorliegende Arbeit selbstständig verfasst und keine anderen als die angegebenen Quellen und Hilfsmittel verwendet habe. Declaration I hereby confirm that the thesis presented here is my own work, with all assistance acknowledged. Abstract Question Generation (QG) is the task of generating reasonable questions from a text.(More)
This paper contributes to the question of which degree of complexity is called for in representations of discourse structure. We review recent claims that tree structures do not suffice as a model for discourse structure, with a focus on the work done on the Discourse Graphbank (DGB) of Wolf and Gibson (2005, 2006). We will show that much of the additional(More)
This study investigates the use of Same – a relation that connects the parts of a discontinuous discourse segment – in the Discourse Graphbank (Wolf et al., 2004). Our analysis reveals systematic deviations from the definition of the Same relation and a substantial number of confusions between Same and Elaboration relations. We discuss some methodological(More)
We have compiled a corpus of 80 Dutch texts from expository and persuasive genres, which we annotated for rhetorical and genre-specific discourse structure, and lexical cohesion with the goal of creating a gold standard for further research. The annotations are based on a segmentation of the text in elementary discourse units that takes into account cues(More)