Gisbert Thomke

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The wiring effort and thus, the routability of electronic designs such as printed circuit boards, multi chip modules and single chip modules largely depends on the assignment of signals to component pins. For modern components that have as many as several thousand pins, this pin assignment cannot be optimized manually. This paper presents four novel pin(More)
The simultaneous optimization of both pin assignment and pin routing for different hierarchy levels (chip, package, board) of an electronic system is a bottleneck in today's hierarchical co-design flows, typically requiring manual optimization strategies and multiple iterations. Specifically, a fast and finegrained evaluation of routability that considers(More)
Differential signaling has been a major challenge in design automation. The routing of differential pairs requires a suitable pin assignment of the respective nets. However, current automatic pin assignment algorithms lack the ability to consider differential pairs. We present a methodology to include differential pairs during pin assignment. Our solution(More)
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