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We discuss the quality of the two available SCIAMACHY limb ozone profile products. They were retrieved with the University of Bremen IFE's algorithm version 1.61 (hereafter IFE), and the official ESA offline algorithm (hereafter OL) versions 2.4 and 2.5. The ozone profiles were compared to a suite of correlative measurements from ground-5 based lidar and(More)
In the center of the species’ distribution range in Germany, European beech stands show continued climate-change-related growth decline since the 1980s at low elevations, but growth increase at high elevations. Contradicting reports exist about the climate-change sensitivity of European beech (Fagus sylvatica), showing either a sensitive response of radial(More)
During the Arctic winter of 2000/01, ground-based FTIR and millimetre-wave measurements revealed significant amounts of ClO over Kiruna after the final warming in February 2001. In fact, column amounts of ClO were still increased in March 2001 when temperatures were about 20 K above the PSC (Polar Stratospheric Clouds) threshold. At these temperatures,(More)
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