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BACKGROUND In the world of technology, when today's student is approaching the on-line /distance learning in the open universities and doing on-line self-assessment, the classroom learning is vanishing slowly. Globally, teachers are taking efforts to improve the pedagogy by implementing effective methods to retain the classroom teaching and student(More)
Since the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of osteoconduction in bony changes in the oral cavity showed a wide range of biomaterials and their osteoinductive potential that emerged gradually and has to a large extent improved the quality of the bone prior to the placement of an implant. Alveolar bone loss is a major concern after tooth extraction(More)
BACKGROUND Divine Proportion in Orthodontics and Prosthodontics has always been intriguing. This was applied to the North Maharashtrian population to evaluate the relationship between facial esthetics and the golden proportions. MATERIALS & METHODS Facial proportions were assessed by examining photographs of sum total of 300 subjects of North(More)
Background: Metal ceramic restorations are highly popular and are used for most of the crown and bridge restorations made today. Aims: To evaluate the translucency and fracture strength of two all-ceramic and traditional metal ceramic crowns. Materials and Methods: Thirty crowns of similar size and shape were constructed to fit a standard brass die. Ten(More)
Poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin is the most widely used material for fabrication of dentures since 1937 as it exhibits adequate physical, mechanical and esthetic properties. But one of the major problems faced using this material is that, it is highly prone to plaque accumulation due to surface porosities and its food retentive properties. This in(More)
BACKGROUND The question of whether Indian dentists should advertise their services is an important issue with significant ethical and professional implications. Individual dentists may feel the need to advertise in order to establish or grow a dental practice, but what effect does this have on the standing of the profession as a whole? As health care(More)
BACKGROUND Moisture sensitivity and dissolution has been a known drawback of glass ionomer cement (GIC). When used as a luting agent for cementation of casted indirect restoration, the exposed cement at the margins is often a primary factor for marginal leakage and consequent failure of the restoration. The following in vitro study was planned to evaluate(More)
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