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The impact of global elevated CO2 concentration on photosynthesis and plant productivity
The alarming and unprecedented rise in the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases under global climate change warrants an urgent need to understand the synergistic and holistic mechanismsExpand
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Free radical quenching activity and polyphenols in three species of Coleus
Coleus is an important aromatic herb of the family Lamiaceae which is routinely grown as a traditional medicinal herb in India. We examined the total content of polyphenols, tannins, flavones andExpand
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Biochemical responses to drought stress in mulberry (Morus alba L.): evaluation of proline, glycine betaine and abscisic acid accumulation in five cultivars
Five popularly grown mulberry cultivars (K-2, MR-2, TR-10, BC2-59 and S-13) were subjected to drought stress by withholding irrigation, to obtain leaf water potentials (Ψw) ranging from −0.75, −1.50Expand
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Diagnosis and therapy with CRISPR advanced CRISPR based tools for point of care diagnostics and early therapies.
Molecular diagnostics is of critical importance to public health worldwide. It facilitates not only detection and characterization of diseases, but also monitors drug responses, assists in theExpand
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Elevated atmospheric CO₂ mitigated photoinhibition in a tropical tree species, Gmelina arborea.
Effects of elevated CO₂ on photosynthetic CO₂ assimilation, PSII photochemistry and photoinhibition were investigated in the leaves of a fast growing tropical tree species, Gmelina arboreaExpand
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The present study documents critical analysis of drought-induced physiological responses in mulberry (Morus spp.) with insights into growth dynamics and leaf productivity. The study was performed forExpand
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Responses of Gmelina arborea, a tropical deciduous tree species, to elevated atmospheric CO2: growth, biomass productivity and carbon sequestration efficacy.
The photosynthetic response of trees to rising CO(2) concentrations largely depends on source-sink relations, in addition to differences in responsiveness by species, genotype, and functional group.Expand
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Proteomic approach to study leaf proteins in a fast-growing tree species, Gmelina arborea Linn. Roxb
Foliar proteome studies have become highly significant for a comprehensive understanding of complex processes associated with plant growth and development. In the present study, we present aExpand
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An integrated diagnostic approach to understand drought tolerance in mulberry (Morus indica L.)
Abstract Four popular mulberry cultivars (Morus indica L. cvs.V-1, MR-2, S-36 and K-2) were assessed for drought tolerance with an integration of selective approaches. The potted plants wereExpand
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Non-enzymatic antioxidative defence in drought-stressed mulberry (Morus indica L.) genotypes
The present study investigated drought-induced responses of non-enzymatic antioxidants in four diverse mulberry genotypes (Morus indica L. S-36, M-5, MR-2 and V-1). Inside the glasshouse, pottedExpand
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