Girish Deshpande

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BACKGROUND Results of recent clinical trials suggest that probiotic supplementation reduces the risk of necrotising enterocolitis in preterm neonates. We aimed to systematically review randomised controlled trials evaluating efficacy and safety of any probiotic supplementation (started within first 10 days, duration > or =7 days) in preventing stage 2 or(More)
BACKGROUND Current evidence indicates that probiotic supplementation significantly reduces all-cause mortality and definite necrotising enterocolitis without significant adverse effects in preterm neonates. As the debate about the pros and cons of routine probiotic supplementation continues, many institutions are satisfied with the current evidence and wish(More)
In this paper, modeling of EEG signals using parametric modeling - both linear and nonlinear has been explored. Linear models include autoregressive (AR) and autoregressive moving average (ARMA) models whereas the nonlinear models considered include polynomial autoregressive (PAR) and bilinear (BL) models. Model orders for all the four models have been(More)
INTRODUCTION Infant colic, or excessive crying of unknown cause in infants less than 3 months old, is common and burdensome. Its aetiology is undetermined, and consensus on its management is still lacking. Recent studies suggest a possible link between infant colic and gut microbiota, indicating probiotics to be a promising treatment. However, only a few(More)
Thermal management is one of the key concerns in modern high power density chips. A variety of thermal cooling techniques that have been in use in industrial applications are now also being applied to integrated circuits. In this work, we explore the integration of thermal aware CAD techniques with embedded cooling solutions to achieve smoother thermal(More)
In order to cope with increasing demand for higher logic densities and shrinking feature sizes, there has been a concerted effort by academia and industry towards the design of three dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs). Various architectural approaches have been investigated over the past few years in order to realize functional 3D ICs. A majority of(More)
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