Girish Chandra Joshi

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We investigate in detail the problem of constructing magnetic monopole solutions within the finite-range electrodynamics (i.e., electrodynamics with non-zero photon mass, which is the simplest extension of the standard theory ; it is fully compatible with the experiment). We first analyze the classical electrodynamics with the additional terms describing(More)
By considering representation theory for non-associative algebras we construct the fundamental and adjoint representations of the octonion algebra. We then show how these representations by associative matrices allow a consistent octonionic gauge theory to be realized. We find that non-associativity implies the existence of new terms in the transformation(More)
We study a novel type of extensions of the Standard Model which include a hard mass term for the U(1) gauge field and, optionally, the additional scalar multiplets spontaneously violating the electric charge conservation. Contrary to the case of abelian massive electrodynamics, in these theories the massive-ness of photon necessarily implies(More)
The modifications induced in the standard weak-lensing formula if Newtonian gravity differs from inverse square law at large distances are studied. The possibility of putting bounds on the mass of gravitons from lensing data is explored. A bound on graviton mass, esitmated to be about 100 Mpc −1 is obtained from analysis of some recent data on gravitational(More)