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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Enterococci are important nosocomial agents and serious infections caused by them are often treated with a combination of cell wall inhibitor and aminoglycoside. However, the presence of high level aminoglycoside resistance in these isolates makes this treatment combination ineffective. The prevalence of such isolates in a tertiary(More)
BACKGROUND Newer molecular diagnostics have brought paradigm shift in early diagnosis of tuberculosis [TB]. WHO recommended use of GeneXpert MTB/RIF [Xpert] for Extra-pulmonary [EP] TB; critics have since questioned its efficiency. METHODS The present study was designed to assess the performance of GeneXpert in 761 extra-pulmonary and 384 pulmonary(More)
1. Clinical and empirical evidence point to distorted negative thinking during depressive episodes. 2. The present study, utilizing the Cognitions Questionnaire, examined the thinking styles in depressed inpatients prior to antidepressant pharmacotherapy and again 3-4 weeks after treatment. 3. Across the 5 dimensions of thinking assessed, only(More)
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