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In this paper we propose a multimodal fusion framework based on novel face-voice fusion techniques for biometric person authentication and liveness verification. Checking liveness guards the system against spoof/replay attacks by ensuring that the biometric data is captured from an authorised live person. The proposed framework based on bi-modal feature(More)
Under an ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant, speech science and technology experts from across Australia have joined forces to organise the recording of audiovisual (AV) speech data from representative speakers of Australian English in all capital cities and some regional centres. The Big Australian Speech Corpus (the Big ASC)(More)
Speaker identification experiments are performed with novel features representative of the glottal source waveform. These are derived from closed-phase analysis and inverse filtering. Source waveforms are segmented into two consecutive periods and normalised in prosody, forming so called source-frame feature vectors. Support-vector-machines are used to(More)