Girija Bhaskaran

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The juvenile hormone (JH) stored in the accessory sex glands (ASG) of adult maleHyalophora cecropia (L.) originates both from sequestration of circulating hormone and from JH synthesized de novo in the ASG from JH acid taken up from the hemolymph. The secretions present in the lumina of the ASG contain most of the accumulated JH. During mating, endogenous(More)
Two analogues of a Manduca sexta allatotropin (Mas-AT) were synthesized. They correspond to the active fragment, amino acids 5-13, of the natural Mas-AT with substitution of norleucine for methionine. ATANA has the structure Val-Glu-Nle-Nle-Thr-Ala-Arg-Gly-Phe-NH2, ATAA is acetylated at the N-terminus. Allatotropic potency was evaluated by measuring the in(More)
The activity of pyriproxyfen in the blood diet was investigated for its efficacy against adult, egg, and larval stages of the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis (Bouché). Adult fleas were housed in plastic cages and fed treated bovine blood using an artificial membrane system that allows fleas to feed ad libitum through a parafilm membrane. Control fleas(More)
In the tobacco hornworm (Manduca sexta), vitellogenin (Vg), the major yolk protein precursor, and its mRNA are first detectable in the prepupal stage; and production of both can be enhanced by methoprene, a juvenile hormone (JH) analog. Competence to respond to methoprene is acquired after ecdysteroid-initiated commitment for metamorphosis. Here we show(More)
The corpora allata (CA) of Manduca sexta larvae become incapable of synthesizing juvenile hormone (JH) early in the wandering stage of the last larval stadium. They then switch to the synthesis and release of JH acids. This change in CA activity is induced by an inhibitory factor--allatinhibin (AI)--from the brain. AI activity is present in the fifth (Vth)(More)
Juvenile hormone III plays a major role in regulating feeding and reproduction in the adult cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis (Bouché). Both blood consumption and egg production increased in a dose-dependent manner up to a maximum at 1,250 ppm when fleas were continuously exposed to concentrations up to 12,500 ppm juvenile hormone. Histological studies(More)
The primary deciduous forests in the Eastern Ghats (EG) of Tamil Nadu (TN) India have undergone many changes owing to various need-based forest managements, such as timber extraction for industry, railway sleepers, charcoal, and forest clearance for hydroelectric projects and agriculture, during preindependence and postindependence periods (i.e., from 1800(More)
During the last larval stage, corpora allata (CA) of Manduca sexta are inactivated by a factor from the brain. Apparently the same factor (allatinhibin, AI) is secreted by day 4 Vth instar brains kept overnight in Grace's medium. AI is rapidly inactivated by heat or acid but withstands exposure to alkali and can be recovered after freezing and(More)