Giridhari Hazra

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A novel indolocarbazole-based chemosensor 1 containing hydrogen bond donor moieties has been established as a selective colorimetric and fluorometric sensor for F⁻ in CH₃CN/H₂O (4:1 v/v). Upon the addition of a series of tetrabutylammonium salts to receptor 1 in aqueous CH₃CN, only when the counter ion was F⁻ was a significant color change (from light(More)
We have developed a new ratiometric fluorescent chemosensor 1 based on xanthine alkaloid theophylline moiety for the detection of dihydrogen phosphate and ATP. The chemosensor 1 selectively recognizes tetrabutylammonium dihydrogen phosphate in CH(3)CN/H(2)O (9:1) by exhibiting a significant decrease in the emission of naphthalene and its sensing properties(More)
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