Giri Prashanth Subramanian

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Small satellites are suitable for formation flying missions where a large number of spacecraft serve as distributed sensors for applications like synthetic aperture radar, interfer-ometry, etc. A survey of existing or proposed small satellite missions concludes that there is a dearth of formation flying missions using four or more spacecraft that require(More)
This paper presents a distributed, guidance and control algorithm for reconfiguring swarms composed of hundreds to thousands of agents with limited communication and computation capabilities. This algorithm solves both the optimal assignment and collision-free trajectory generation for robotic swarms, in an integrated manner, when given the desired shape of(More)
— In this paper, we integrate, implement, and validate formation flying algorithms for large number of agents using probabilistic swarm guidance with inhomogeneous Markov chains and model predictive control with sequential convex programming. Using an inhomogeneous Markov chain, each agent determines its target position during each time step in a(More)
Small satellites, like popular nanosatellite platforms called CubeSats, are suitable for formation flying missions because of their modular nature and low cost. This paper presents a review of thirty-nine missions, using multiple small satellites, in various stages of development. These missions are categorized based on their mission type, mission status,(More)
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