Gireg Desmeulles

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The advent of the computer and computer science, and in particular virtual reality, offers new experiment possibilities with numerical simulations and introduces a new type of investigation for the complex systems study: the in virtuo experiment. This work lies on the framework of multi-agent systems. We propose a generic model for systems biology based on(More)
In order to simulate biological processes, we use multi-agents system. However, modelling cell behavior in systems biology is complex and may be based on intracellular biochemical pathway. So, we have developed in this study a Fuzzy Influence Graph to model MAPK pathway. A Fuzzy Influence Graph is also called Fuzzy Cognitive Map. This model can be(More)
Multi Interaction Systems are dedicated to realtime interactive simulations. They are based on chaotic and asynchronous scheduling of autonomous processes, in which physical or biological phenomena involved in the system are desynchronized. This allows interactivity, especially the capability to add or remove phenomena in the course of a simulation. This(More)
In the context of biological complex systems multi-agent simulation, we present an interaction-agentmodel for reaction-diffusion problems that enables interaction with the simulation during the execution, and we establish a mathematical validation for our model. We use two types of interaction-agents: on one hand, in a chemical reactor with no spatial(More)
We perform biological simulations in the virtual reality context. In order to run large simulations, we choose to put together a set of standard computers and create a grid in charge of distributing the biological simulations. We propose to make the distribution on to the ReISCOP generic model, developed in our laboratory, which allows us to easily design(More)
Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly necessary to study complex systems such as biological systems. Thanks to Virtual Reality, the user is placed at the heart of biological simulations and can carry out experiments as if he were under the same experimental conditions as in vivo or in vitro. We usually call this kind of experiments in virtuo experiments.(More)