Giraldo Calvo

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OBJECTIVES Evoked otoacoustic emission testing is the preferred test in human patients for sensorineural deafness screening in neonates and cochlear outer hair cell function monitoring in adults. This study evaluated evoked otoacoustic emission testing for cochlear function assessment in dogs within a clinical setting. METHODS Two populations of(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the development of a facial expression tool differentiating pain-free cats from those in acute pain. METHODS Observers shown facial images from painful and pain-free cats were asked to identify if they were in pain or not. From facial images, anatomical landmarks were identified and distances between these were mapped. Selected(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop a composite measure pain scale tool to assess acute pain in cats and derive an intervention score. METHODS To develop the prototype composite measure pain scale-feline, words describing painful cats were collected, grouped into behavioural categories and ranked. To assess prototype validity two observers independently assigned(More)
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