Giovi Grasso-Knight

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BACKGROUND Intracellular signaling triggered by bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) results in activated Smad complexes that regulate transcription of BMP-responsive genes. However, the low specificity of Smad binding to regulatory sequences implies that additional tissue-specific transcription factors are also needed. Runx2 (Cbfal) is a transcription factor(More)
During endochondral bone formation, the hypertrophy of chondrocytes is accompanied by selective expression of several genes including type X collagen and alkaline phosphatase. This expression is stimulated by inducers including BMPs and ascorbate. A 316 base pair region of the type X collagen (Col X) promoter has been previously characterized as the site(More)
Editor – Inequalities in health between and within populations are a major public concern (1). Hepatitis A incidence among Native Americans is the highest of any subpopulation in the USA, similar to that in developing countries (2). Outbreaks on the Hoopa Valley Reservation, California, reinforce the cyclical trend of community infection. During the last(More)
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