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Why an open access publishing cooperative can work
Why do we read the classics?
Debates on the epistemological, ethical, and historical constitution of the anthropological corpus are one of the reasons why anthropology has always thrived. Whether in terms of the complex relationExpand
Two or three things I know about Ethnographic Theory
In the introduction to this collection, I aim to outline the debate sparked by Tim Ingold (2014) on the relation between ethnography and theory. I outline a few methodological principles that groundExpand
A note from the editor
Gifts by stealth and silent trades
In 2016, five years from the project’s foundation, three things became strikingly clear to HAU’s Advisory Board: 1) the business model of HAU-N.E.T. annual memberships and the collection of AuthorExpand
A note from the editor Hau: Year one
The H-Factor of Anthropology
« How can we make any progress in the understanding of cultures, ancient or modern, if we persist in dividing what the people join, and in joining what they keep apart ? »Arthur M. Hocart (1970Expand
Spirits of Uncertainty: Eventologies of Nature on China’s Frontiers
ABSTRACT Studies of the environmental spirit world have been pursuing two main lines of inquiry: (1) that indigenous claims on ecological thought, including beliefs in chthonic spirits and mountainExpand