Giovanni Vittadini

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AIMS AND METHODS The present study evaluated time-related changes in platelet monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B) activity in an Italian cohort of alcohol-dependent subjects (n = 98) during early abstinence, and the effect of potential confounding factors, such as gender and smoking status, on the temporal trend of the enzyme activity. RESULTS While still under(More)
A 28 year old man with no history of atopy was referred to our hospital for possible work-related asthma. He had been employed in the production section of a pharmaceutical company for 2 yrs, and in the last 2 months he had complained of dyspnoea, wheezing, chest tightness, symptoms of rhinitis and a cutaneous rash when exposed to powdered antibiotics.(More)
Several hemorheologic and plasma proteic features were analyzed in workers exposed to acoustic defilement. Whole-blood viscosity was significantly increased (at every shear-rate considered) in patients with severe sensorineural hearing impairment; whereas plasma, serum and relative viscosity remained unchanged. These variations were independent of(More)
In the present study, we investigated the frequency of polyneuropathy in a sample of 296 alcoholics who were admitted to the 'S. Maugeri' Medical Centre for detoxification from October 1997 to November 1999. Results revealed a high frequency of polyneuropathy in the sample under study. The disorder was often clinically asymptomatic and demonstrable only on(More)
INTRODUCTION To analyze the relationship between alcoholism, impulsiveness, anxiety and depression. Further, we wish to investigate the relationship between these variables and both the period of alcohol abuse and the length of hospitalization. METHODS The investigation was carried out on a group of alcoholics in residential treatment (N=60) and on a(More)
AIM The treatment of alcohol addiction in Italy has had a progressive evolution of therapeutic structures for in-and outpatients. During the last 20 years there had been a crescent presence of short residential treatment facilities (1-6 months) characterized by a high level of medical and psychotherapeutic intervention. About two years ago 12 of them(More)
In this study effects on psyche caused by a protract exposure to radiofrequency are examined. 13 women, occupationally exposed to radiofrequency, were subjected to a series of psychological tests in order to verify possible psychological troubles. Results seem to demonstrate a significant presence of troubles concerning social relations, anxiety and(More)
In view of the increasing interest in electromagnetic fields, the effects on behaviour were studied in a group of foundry workers following prolonged exposure to radiofrequencies. The results of behavioural tests revealed significant differences between the exposed and control groups as regards neuropsychological performance. Anxiety and depression tests,(More)
Because of increasing interest for electromagnetic fields biological effects we examined possible effects on behaviour produced by prolonged exposition to radiofrequencies on some wood industry workers. The results of psychological tests seem to prove a significant difference between exposed and control groups in the answers concerning social relations and(More)