Giovanni Vita

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Comparative study of the headspace (HS) composition from olive leaves, olives of varying degrees of ripeness, and crushed olives revealed significant quantitative and qualitative differences. Three different methods were employed to test the effect of the substances identified on the behavior ofDacus oleae gravid females. Attractive/repellent features were(More)
An interpretation is given of a number of observations on the chemiotropic behavior ofBactrocera oleae in connection with olive maceration water and the fly's return to the olive groves after the first summer rains. To this end, the headspace of both maceration water and leaf leaching water, simulating rainfall, were examined. In both cases, the presence of(More)
The egg dispersion strategy of the olive fruit flyDacus oleae, which is dependent on chemicals from the fruit, was investigated. In particular, the exact role ofo-diphenolic compounds, such as the typical olive glucosides, oleuropein and demethyloleuropein, and their derivatives was clarified. It appears that the strong chemotactile repulsive effect exerted(More)
The use of digital radiography involves significant advantages by virtue of its superior image quality, sensitivity, image-processing capacity and exposure dose reduction. The electronic components of the picture archiving and communication system (PACS) allow a more efficient utilization of medical images and data. These advantages have particular value in(More)
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