Giovanni Torrisi

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The proliferation of mobile devices and the diffusion of social media have changed the communication paradigm of people that share multimedia data by allowing new interaction models (e.g., social networks). In social events (e.g., concerts), the automatic video understanding goal includes the interpretation of which visual contents are the most popular. The(More)
The study of socio-technical systems has been revolutionized by the unprecedented amount of digital records that are constantly being produced by human activities such as accessing Internet services, using mobile devices, and consuming energy and knowledge. In this paper, we describe the richest open multi-source dataset ever released on two geographical(More)
Starting from the increasingly widespread need to develop effective teaching in complex transnational settings, this chapter presents an innovative blended model with Web 2.0 collaborative learning strategies built in. The model balances pedagogical, technical and content related issues into an ad hoc institutionally designed 60 ECTS (European Credit(More)
We present The Social Picture, a framework to collect and explore huge amount of crowdsourced social images about public events, cultural heritage sites and other customized private events.The Social Picture aims to create social communities of users that contribute to the creation of image collections about common interests. The collections can be explored(More)
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