Giovanni Signorello

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Although the double-bound (DB) fonnat for the discrete choice contingent valuation method (CVM) has the benefit of higher efficiency in welfare benefit estimates than the single-bound (SB) discrete choice CVM, it has been subject to criticism due to evidence that some of the responses to the second bid may be inconsistent with the responses to the first(More)
Many efficient light-emitting devices and photodetectors are based on semiconductors with, respectively, a direct or indirect bandgap configuration. The less known pseudodirect bandgap configuration can be found in wurtzite (WZ) semiconductors: here electron and hole wave-functions overlap strongly but optical transitions between these states are impaired(More)
In this work we investigate doping by solid-state diffusion from a doped oxide layer, obtained by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), as a means for selectively doping silicon nanowires (NWs). We demonstrate both n-type (phosphorous) and p-type (boron) doping up to concentrations of 10(20) cm(-3), and find that this doping mechanism is more(More)
We present a framework useful to explore naturalistic environments in a multimodal way. The multimedia information related to the different natural scenarios can be explored by the user in his home desktop through virtual tours from a web based interface, as well as from a dedicated mobile app during an on site tour of the considered natural reserves. A(More)
Social media platforms provide a useful source of data for environmental planning. In the last years these data have been exploited to perform social behaviour analysis. This work uses the huge amount of georeferenced images publicly available on social media as a source of information to infer the behaviour of tourists. Visual analytic mapping tools(More)
We present an automatic measurement platform that enables the characterization of nanodevices by electrical transport and optical spectroscopy as a function of the uniaxial stress. We provide insights into and detailed descriptions of the mechanical device, the substrate design and fabrication, and the instrument control software, which is provided under(More)
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