Giovanni Santoboni

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This work analyzes methods for the identification and the stability under perturbation of a territorial community structure with specific reference to transportation networks. We considered networks of commuters for a city and an insular region. In both cases, we have studied the distribution of commuters' trips (i.e., home-to-work trips and vice versa).(More)
In this paper we study the experimental determination of the basin of attraction for the Chua's circuit by means of an electronic device that is able to select initial voltages and to show the early stages of the subsequent trajectory on the oscilloscope. The results are shown and discussed in cases of multistability of periodic and chaotic solutions.
—In this paper we consider the problem of the existence and stability of invariant manifolds in a network of diffusively coupled identical systems. It is shown that the existence of a symmetry in the network implies the existence of linear invariant manifolds. This correspond to so called partial synchronization , or clusterization, a phenomenon occurring(More)
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