Giovanni Romagnoli

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Misplaced items in retail stores lead to inaccurate inventory assumptions, unsatisfied customers, lost sales and lower revenues of up to 10%. Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) however, offer a solution to locate items in a defined space such as a retail store. The RTLS market offers a vast number of available solutions and technologies. Analysts forecast a(More)
OBJECTIVE: The objective of the paper is to design a testing protocol to measure performances of RFID devices applied to blood supply chain, and to implement an experimental campaign in order to collect performance data. The protocol matches operational conditions in blood supply chain and is particularly tailored to some critical processes, which can(More)
This paper proposes a new frame of reference for classifying the deployments of Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technique in the field of fashion and apparel retailing. This frame comprehends all different use cases that can be found in the apparel retail sector, and it updates and expands what has already been done in scientific literature in this(More)
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