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The resource-constrained elementary shortest path problem arises as a pricing subproblem in branch-and-price algorithms for vehicle routing problems with additional constraints. We address the optimization of the resource-constrained elementary shortest path problem and we present and compare three methods. The first method is a well-known exact dynamic(More)
The vehicle routing problem with simultaneous distribution and collection (VRPSDC) is the variation of the capacitated vehicle routing problem that arises when the distribution of goods from a depot to a set of customers and the collection of waste from the customers to the depot must be performed by the same vehicles of limited capacity and the customers(More)
The purpose of this paper is to illustrate a general framework for network location problems, based on column generation and branch-and-price. In particular we consider capacitated network location problems with single-source constraints. We consider several different network location models, by combining cardinality constraints, fixed setup costs,(More)