Giovanni Puglisi

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This paper presents a video stabilization algorithm based on the extraction and tracking of scale invariant feature transform features through video frames. Implementation of SIFT operator is analyzed and adapted to be used in a feature-based motion estimation algorithm. SIFT features are extracted from video frames and then their trajectory is evaluated to(More)
The widespread diffusion of hand-held devices with video recording capabilities requires the adoption of reliable Digital Stabilization methods to enjoy the acquired sequences without disturbing jerkiness. In order to effectively get rid of the unwanted camera movements, an estimate of the global motion between adjacent frames is necessary. This paper(More)
The widespread use of classic and newest technologies available on Internet (e.g., emails, social networks, digital repositories) has induced a growing interest on systems able to protect the visual content against malicious manipulations that could be performed during their transmission. One of the main problems addressed in this context is the(More)
We show that the singular dissipative potential of the phenomenological rate-independent plasticity can be obtained by homogenization of a micro-model with quadratic dissipation. The essential ingredient making this reduction possible is a rugged energy landscape at the micro-scale, generating under external loading a regular cascade of subcritical(More)
Citicoline is a therapeutic agent widely used in the treatment of brain injury, for example in cerebrovascular disease or traumatic accidents. Unfortunately, the strong polar nature of this drug prevents it crossing the blood-brain barrier. In this paper, the possibility of efficiently trapping citicoline in liposomes to improve its therapeutic effects is(More)
Purpose. Cytidine-5′-diphosphate choline (CDPc) was encapsulated in long-circulating unilamellar vesicles (SUVs) to improve the drug's biological effectiveness. Methods. SUVs made up of diaplmitoylphosphatidylcholine/diaplmitoylphosphatidylserine/ cholesterol (7:4:7 molar ratio) and 8 mol % of ganglioside GMl were prepared by extrusion through polycarbonate(More)
Digital video stabilization allows to acquire video sequences without disturbing jerkiness, removing unwanted camera movements. In this paper we propose a novel fast video stabilization algorithm based on block matching of local motion vectors. Some of these vectors are properly filtered out by making use of ad-hoc rules taking into account local(More)
One of the most common problems in the image forensics field is the reconstruction of the history of an image or a video. The data related to the characteristics of the camera that carried out the shooting, together with the reconstruction of the (possible) further processing, allow us to have some useful hints about the originality of the visual document(More)
This study investigates the potentiality of nanosphere colloidal suspensions as sustained release systems for intravenous administration of docetaxel (DTX). Nanospheres were prepared by solvent displacement method using polylactic acids (PLA) at different molecular weight and polylactic-co-glycolic (PLGA) as biodegradable matrices. The systems were(More)
The potential application of highly biocompatible o/w microemulsions as topical drug carrier systems for the percutaneous delivery of anti-inflammatory drugs, i.e. ketoprofen, was investigated. Microemulsions were made up of triglycerides as oil phase, a mixture of lecithin and n-butanol as a surfactant/co-surfactant system and an aqueous solution as the(More)