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This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract The widespread use of classic and newest technologies available on Internet (e.g., emails, social networks, digital repositories) has induced a growing interest on systems able to protect(More)
In this paper a novel algorithm for raster to vector conversion is presented. The technique is mainly devoted to vectorize digital picture maintaining an high degree of photorealistic appearance specifically addressed to the human visual system. The algorithm makes use of an advanced segmentation strategy based on statistical region analysis together with a(More)
This paper presents a video stabilization algorithm based on the extraction and tracking of Scale Invariant Feature Transform features through video frames. Implementation of SIFT operator is analyzed and adapted to be used in a feature-based motion estimation algorithm. SIFT features are extracted from video frames and then their trajec-tory is evaluated(More)
— The widespread diffusion of hand-held devices with video recording capabilities requires the adoption of reliable Digital Stabilization methods to enjoy the acquired sequences without disturbing jerkiness. In order to effectively get rid of the unwanted camera movements, an estimate of the global motion between adjacent frames is necessary. This paper(More)
—Today, many people in the world without any (or with little) knowledge about video recording, thanks to the widespread use of mobile devices (personal digital assistants, mobile phones, etc.), take videos. However, the unwanted movements of their hands typically blur and introduce disturbing jerkiness in the recorded sequences. Many video stabilization(More)
—Digital video stabilization enables to acquire video sequences without disturbing jerkiness by compensating un-wanted camera movements. In this paper we propose a novel fast image registration algorithm based on block matching. Unreliable motion vectors (i.e., not related with jitter movements) are properly filtered out by making use of ad-hoc rules taking(More)
Digital video stabilization allows to acquire video sequences without disturbing jerkiness, removing unwanted camera movements. In this paper we propose a novel fast video stabilization algorithm based on block matching of local motion vectors. Some of these vectors are properly filtered out by making use of ad-hoc rules taking into account local(More)
In this paper a novel approach for artificial mosaic generation is proposed. Gradient Vector Flow computation together with heuristics to maximise the covered mosaic area are used. The high frequency details are managed in a global way allowing to preserve the mosaic-style also for small ones. Experiments and comparisons with previous works confirm the(More)
The detection of near duplicate images in large databases, such as the ones of popular social networks, digital investigation archives, and surveillance systems, is an important task for a number of image forensics applications. In digital investigation, hashing techniques are commonly used to index large quantities of images for the detection of copies(More)
Art often provides valuable hints for technological innovations especially in the field of Image Processing and Computer Graphics. In this paper we present a novel method to generate an artificial mosaic starting from a raster input image. This approach, based on Gradient Vector Flow computation and some smart heuristics, permit us to follow the most(More)