Giovanni Otranto

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In order to test the hypothesis that ruminal drinking in calves can lead to D-lactic metabolic acidosis, ruminal acidosis was induced in nine calves by intraruminal application of untreated whole milk via a stomach tube. The amount of the daily force-fed liquid was 3 x 1 l. The experimental design called for an end of intraruminal applications if two or(More)
BACKGROUND Recent guidelines for the management of hypertension by the European Societies of Hypertension and Cardiology (ESH-ESC), consider, besides normal and normal high blood pressure, also early renal failure as a significant factor scoring the individual cardiovascular (CV) risk in each patient. Considering that the nephrologists have not yet adopted(More)
Calcific uremic arteriopathy (CUA), also known as calciphylaxis, is a rare condition occurring in patients with moderate to severe chronic kidney disease. It is a serious, debilitating and potentially fatal clinical disorder affecting 1-4% of the dialysis population and is associated with a high mortality rate (60-80%). The clinical picture is characterized(More)
The term cardiorenal syndrome (CRS) refers to multiple possible clinicopathological correlations between heart and kidney failure. The most recent classification recognizes five types of CRS: types I and II originate from heart failure (acute and chronic, respectively), type III and IV from kidney failure (again acute and chronic), while type V originates(More)
BACKGROUND Sensitivity and specificity of the most widely employed techniques of parathyroid glands localization, namely echography and scintigraphy, are mostly obtained with short-term follow-up data and do not underline the existence of a methodological problem. As a matter of fact, both methods identify only pathological glands, with no "normal" results;(More)
Calciphylaxis, better described as "Calcific uremic arteriolopathy" (CUA), involves about 1-4% of hemodialysis patients all around the world with high mortality rates. We describe a rare clinical case of CUA in peritoneal dialysis patient associated with urological disease. Penile calciphylaxis represents rare clinical complication, and an early diagnosis(More)
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