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Psychological kinship refers to valuing significant others as though they were members of one's own family. This construct has many implications for human relationships, including the client-therapist relationship (Bailey, 1988). A 60-item Kinship Scale was developed and administered to 63 undergraduates (39 females; 24 males), along with several other(More)
We present a method to fabricate polymer optofluidic systems by means of injection molding that allow the insertion of standard optical fibers. The chip fabrication and assembly methods produce large numbers of robust optofluidic systems that can be easily assembled and disposed of, yet allow precise optical alignment and improve delivery of optical power.(More)
We realized an integrated microfluidic chip that allows measuring both optical deformability and acoustic compressibility on single cells, by optical stretching and acoustophoresis experiments respectively. Additionally, we propose a measurement protocol that allows evaluating the experimental apparatus parameters before performing the cell-characterization(More)
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