Giovanni Mistraletti

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INTRODUCTION Lactic acidosis can develop during biguanide (metformin and phenformin) intoxication, possibly as a consequence of mitochondrial dysfunction. To verify this hypothesis, we investigated whether body oxygen consumption (VO2), that primarily depends on mitochondrial respiration, is depressed in patients with biguanide intoxication. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION We have recently demonstrated that metformin intoxication causes mitochondrial dysfunction in several porcine tissues, including platelets. The aim of the present work was to clarify whether it also causes mitochondrial dysfunction (and secondary lactate overproduction) in human platelets, in vitro and ex vivo. METHODS Human platelets were(More)
INTRODUCTION Pressure-support ventilation, is widely used in critically ill patients; however, the relative contribution of patient's effort during assisted breathing is difficult to measure in clinical conditions. Aim of the present study was to evaluate the performance of ultrasonographic indices of diaphragm contractile activity (respiratory excursion(More)
INTRODUCTION Platelet mitochondrial respiratory chain enzymes (that produce energy) are variably inhibited during human sepsis. Whether these changes occur even during other acute critical illness or are associated with impaired platelet aggregation and secretion (that consume energy) is not known. The aims of this study were firstly to compare platelet(More)
BACKGROUND A relevant innovation about sedation of long-term Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients is the 'conscious target': patients should be awake even during the critical phases of illness. Enteral sedative administration is nowadays unusual, even though the gastrointestinal tract works soon after ICU admission. The enteral approach cannot produce deep(More)
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