Giovanni Minuto

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Recent legislation in the European Union requires regulators of member states to carry out risk assessments using data for actual or potential operator exposure, or estimates of exposure from models. However, the existing models have few datasets from studies carried out on greenhouse or indoor crops, particularly in southern Europe. In this study potential(More)
Introduction Since the seventies, many horticultural crops heavily relied on methyl bromide (MB) to control soilborne pests, diseases and weeds in Italy. As one of the major consumer of MB, after its inclusion among substances that deplete the ozone layer, Italy was forced to invest many resources in the development and implementation of alternative(More)
Silicon (Si) is one of the most beneficial microelements for several plants, in mediating the growth regulation in horticultural species. This research evaluated the effects of innovative Si-applications on. soilless-grown Cucumis sativus L. and Cucurbita pepo L. Crop growth, powdery mildew incidence and abiotic stress resistance were evaluated. Two(More)
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