Giovanni Millo

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This introduction to the plm package is a slightly modified version of Croissant and Millo (2008), published in the Journal of Statistical Software. Panel data econometrics is obviously one of the main fields in the profession, but most of the models used are difficult to estimate with R. plm is a package for R which intends to make the estimation of linear(More)
splm is an R package for estimating and testing various spatial panel data specifications. We consider the implementation of both maximum likelihood and generalized moments estimators in the context of fixed as well as random effects spatial panel data models. This paper is a general description of splm and all functionalities are illustrated by application(More)
We analyze the consumption of non-life insurance across 103 Italian provinces in 1998-2002 in order to assess its determinants, in the light of the empirical literature. Using sub-regional data we overcome an important limitation of cross-country analyses, i.e. the systemic heterogeneity due to country-specific characteristics. Individual heterogeneity is(More)
An estimation framework and a user-friendly software implementation are described for maximum likelihood estimation of panel data models with random effects, a spatially lagged dependent variable and spatially and serially correlated errors. This specification extends static panel data models in the direction of serial error correlation, allowing richer(More)
Animal studies have shown that the rapid hyperemic response to external muscle compression undergoes inactivation upon repetitive stimulation, but this phenomenon has never been observed in humans. The aim of the present study was to determine whether 1) the vascular mechano-sensitivity underlying muscle compression-induced hyperemia is inactivated in an(More)
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