Giovanni Milione

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A higher-order Poincaré sphere and Stokes parameter representation of the higher-order states of polarization of vector vortex beams that includes radial and azimuthal polarized cylindrical vector beams is presented. The higher-order Poincaré sphere is constructed by naturally extending the Jones vector basis of plane wave polarization in terms of optical(More)
Vector modes are spatial modes that have spatially inhomogeneous states of polarization, such as, radial and azimuthal polarization. In this work, the spatially inhomogeneous states of polarization of vector modes are used to increase the transmission data rate of free-space optical communication via mode division multiplexing. A mode (de)multiplexer for(More)
Mode division multiplexing (MDM)- using a multimode optical fiber's N spatial modes as data channels to transmit N independent data streams - has received interest as it can potentially increase optical fiber data transmission capacity N-times with respect to single mode optical fibers. Two challenges of MDM are (1) designing mode (de)multiplexers with high(More)
The first experimental demonstration of a new Pancharatnam-Berry phase for light beams with spatially inhomogeneous, or vector, states of polarization referred to as the higher-order Pancharatnam-Berry phase is presented. This new geometric phase is proportional to light's total angular momentum, a sum of spin and higher dimensional orbital angular(More)
We present a new all-digital technique to extract the wavefront of a structured light beam. Our method employs non-homogeneous polarization optics together with dynamic, digital holograms written to a spatial light modulator to measure the phase relationship between orthogonal polarization states in real-time, thereby accessing the wavefront information.(More)
In this work, it is experimentally demonstrated that the nonseparability of vector beams (e.g., radial and azimuthal polarization) can be used to encode information for optical communication. By exploiting the nonseparability of a vector beam's space and polarization degrees of freedom using conventional wave plates, it is shown that 2 bits of information(More)
Spatially coherent multicolored optical vector vortex beams were created using a tunable liquid crystal q-plate and a supercontinuum light source. The feasibility of the q-plate as a tunable spectral filter (switch) was demonstrated, and the polarization topology of the resulting vector vortex beam was mapped. Potential applications include multiplexing for(More)
We experimentally demonstrate the first few-mode space division multiplexed (SDM) transmission of real-time 10Gb/s Ethernet (10GbE) traffic using commercial small form-factor pluggable SFP + transceivers without coherent detection or multiple input multiple output digital signal processing (MIMO-DSP) over 0.5km elliptical-core few-mode-fiber, achieving(More)
Interrogating an object with a light beam and analyzing the scattered light can reveal kinematic information about the object, which is vital for applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to gesture recognition and virtual reality. We show that by analyzing the change in the orbital angular momentum (OAM) of a tilted light beam eclipsed by a moving(More)
Experimental measurements of the twirl and changes in the anisotropy of the constant intensity ellipse, and the rotation of the polarization singular lemon pattern a generalized vector-vortex beam experiences around the two foci due to the converging and diverging conical waves and in between, are presented and interpreted as being due to the universal form(More)