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We present a detailed survey of the ongoing destabilization process of the Mosul dam. The dam is located on the Tigris river and is the biggest hydraulic structure in Iraq. From a geological point of view the dam foundation is poor due to a site geology formed by alternating strata of highly soluble materials including gypsum, anhydrite, marl and limestone.(More)
Parallel programming is very interesting today. Many employment can be individuate for this technology. For example in physical processes modeling or in the simulation of cardiac dynamics. It is clear that heavy load computational applications are appropriate for test parallel programming and parallel architectures. In the Polytechnic of Bari our research(More)
In this work we describe a method to handle curved orbits in wavenumber domain focusing algorithm for high-resolution SAR data acquired by Low Earth Orbit satellites using spotlight mode. The standard wavenumber domain focusing algorithm make assumptions that start to be invalid when applied to high-resolution spotlight SAR data acquired in spaceborne low(More)