Giovanni Masciarelli

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Visual Imagery is the ability to generate mental images in the absence of perception, that is, We describe a patient, IM, who suffered from an acute ischemic stroke in the right anterior choroidal artery who appeared to demonstrate relatively isolated impairment in visual imagery. Her cognitive function, including her performance on tests of semantic(More)
In this study we used a semantic battery assessing the conceptual, lexical, and metacognitive level in semantic relationships to predict expressive lexicon in preschool children with typical and atypical language development. Our regression analyses showed that the tests of our semantic battery altogether accounted for 24% of variance in expressive lexicon(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is a degenerative disorder characterized, in its frontal variant, by psychiatric onset, deficits in executive functions and sparing of memory and visuo-spatial abilities. Studies on visuo-spatial abilities in FTD and Alzheimer's disease (AD) have mainly focused on constructional abilities (CA) and have(More)
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