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Dithiol Antagonism and Potentiation of Chemotherapeutic Agents
Summary and Conclusions (1) In experimental spirochetal infections BAL reverses the therapeutic activity of penicillin, bacitracin, Chloromycetin, oxophenarsine and gold compounds (Myochrysin), whileExpand
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Effect of suloctidil on cerebral circulation patterns of conscious rabbits.
Suloctidil (SUL) produces calcium antagonistic and antispasmodic effects on peripheral and pial arteries. The present studies were performed with the aim of evaluating the action of SUL on cerebralExpand
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Azione diabetogena dei derivati benzotiodiazinici nel gatto
Diaxoxide and chlormethiazide produced an evident hyperglycemia in cats and the two compounds together caused a much more marked effect. In cats, diaxoxide showed a specific toxicity, much higherExpand
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Therapeutic Interference and Potentiation between Subtilin and Gold Sodium Thiomalate in Spirochetal and Streptococcal Infections.∗
Summary 1. Myochrysin interfered with the therapeutic activity of subtilin in the experimental β hemolytic streptococcus infection of mice. 2. The myochrysin dose required for interference increasedExpand
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[Behavior of the erythrocyte count and hemoglobin index in chronic lead poisoning].