Giovanni Manente

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We developed a hand brace and studied its efficacy and tolerability in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). We randomized 83 subjects into a treated group, which wore the hand brace at night for 4 weeks, and a control group, which received no treatment. The primary efficacy measure was change in the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire (BCTQ) score.(More)
We studied 193 hands of 113 patients referred for typical carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Ninety-five (49%) hands had normal median distal motor latency (< or = 4.2 ms) and normal or borderline sensory conduction velocity from digit 2 stimulation (> or = 45 m/s). In these cases we performed three median to ulnar comparative tests: (1) difference between(More)
We describe a maneuver that eases or abolishes paresthesias in carpal tunnel syndrome. With the affected hand palm up, the distal metacarpal heads are gently squeezed together; in some instances stretch of digits III and IV is also required. This maneuver may help in the clinical diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, can be useful as a means of relieving(More)
The study was performed to evaluate the effectiveness of lumbar paravertebral injections of a gas mixture of Oxygen and Ozone in patients with lumbar radiculopathies caused by L4-L5 or L5-S1 disk herniations compared to a pharmacological therapy based on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Lumbar radiculopathy caused by disc herniation is widely spread.(More)
Cement production is an energy intensive industrial process that requires heat to be supplied at high temperature levels under the constraints of gas-solid heat exchange phenomena and the kinetics of chemical reactions. In this paper, the use of Pinch Analysis and Process Integration techniques to optimize the energy efficiency of the cement production will(More)
Hemodiafiltration (HDF) is a new dialysis treatment that combines convective and diffusive forces. In order to assess the efficiency of a peculiar model of hypertonic HDF (H HDF), we studied eight uremic patients when they were undergoing five sessions of H HDF of 180 minutes duration and two sessions of standard hemodialysis (HD) of 270 minutes duration(More)
We studied the effect of the Manu(®) soft hand brace, which has been designed to relieve median nerve entrapment in carpal tunnel syndrome. An observational, controlled study was conducted in 10 participants, five with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and five controls, using sonography to study changes in the dimensions of the carpal tunnel before and(More)
Testosterone, LH, FSH, blood levels at birth were determined in 40 Italian true cryptorchid , 12 pseudo-cryptorchid and 71 healthy newborns. Testosterone concentrations were interpreted according to the localisation of the retained testicles. A greater incidence of spontaneous remission of the cryptorchidism was found in those subjects with: 1) testosterone(More)
of the microalgae cultivation phase for energy production in open raceway ponds and flat panel photobioreactors. A dynamic model of microalgae cultivation phase is presented in this work. Two cultivation technologies are taken into account: the open raceway pond and the flat panel photobioreactor. For each technology, the model is able to evaluate the(More)
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