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In this paper the Bayesian analysis is applied to assign a probability density to the value of a quantity having a definite sign. This analysis is logically consistent with the results, positive or negative, of repeated measurements. Results are used to estimate the atom density shift in a caesium fountain clock. The comparison with the classical(More)
Caesium fountain frequency-standards realize the second in the International System of Units with a relative uncertainty approaching 10 −16. Among the main contributions to the accuracy budget, cold collisions play an important role because of the atomic density shift of the reference atomic transition. This paper describes an application of the Bayesian(More)
ESA is supporting an industrial study aimed at preliminary assessment of some critical aspects of the GAIA mission implementation: hereafter, our study approach is presented. The Fizeau interferometer of GAIA features a strict correlation between the conventional telescope and interferometer concepts and problems. The wide angle measurement concept is based(More)
X-ray diffraction in continuously deformed crystals is considered by application of Fourier optics and from the viewpoint of the analogy between X-ray dynamics and the motion of two-level systems in quantum mechanics. Different forms of Takagi's equations are traced back to a common framework and it is shown that they are different ways to represent the(More)
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