Giovanni Macaluso

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Introduction: Monitoring of vibrations and transient displacements of civil engineering constructions such as buildings, bridges and towers is of paramount importance for early identification of structural problems and to enable remedial actions to be taken [1, 2]. Dynamic monitoring is currently implemented by contact sensors, such as networks of(More)
Radar data collected at an experimental facility arranged on purpose suggest that the footprint of atmospheric turbulence might be encoded in the radar signal statistics. Radar data probability distributions are calculated and nicely fitted by a one-parameter family of generalized Gumbel (GG) distributions, Ga. A relation between the wind strength and the(More)
In this work, the potential of a Ground-based Synthetic Aperture radar (GB-SAR) interferometer applied to generation of digital elevation maps (DEMs) of restricted areas is analyzed and demonstrated. Two different scenes are considered and for each the obtained maps have been compared with available geographic data. The accuracy of the used technique(More)
This paper reports on some results obtained during an experimental campaign carried out for monitoring a snow covered alpine mountainside and based on the use of a ground based interferometer working at C band. The effect of the interaction between radar signal and a dry snow cover on interferometric phase has been investigated on the bases of a simple(More)