Giovanni Lagorio

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In this paper we present Jam, an extension of the Java language supporting <i>mixins</i>, that is, parametric heir classes. A mixin declaration in Jam is similar to a Java heir class declaration, except that it does not extend a fixed parent class, but simply specifies the set of fields and methods a generic parent should provide. In this way, the same(More)
Inheritance in object-oriented languages allows, roughly, to obtain the same effect one would get by duplicating the methods of the parent class in the heir. However, the key advantage is that source code duplication is avoided, and the code of the parent is, instead, found on demand, through a runtime procedure called method look-up. In other words, two(More)
We present FJig, a simple calculus where basic building blocks are classes in the style of Featherweight Java, declaring elds, methods and one constructor. However, inheritance has been generalized to the much more exible notion originally proposed in Bracha's Jigsaw framework. That is, classes play also the role of modules, that can be composed by a rich(More)