Giovanni Jona-Lasinio

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i will begin with a short story about my background. i studied physics at the university of tokyo. i was attracted to particle physics because of three famous names, nishina, tomonaga and yukawa, who were the founders of particle physics in Japan. But these people were at different institutions than mine. on the other hand, condensed matter physics was(More)
Analogies have had and continue to have an important role in the development of theoretical physics. They may start from similarities of physical concepts followed by similarities in the mathematical formalization or it may be a purely mathematical aspect to suggest the development of analogous physical concepts. More often a subtle nonobvious interplay(More)
We present a simple derivation of a Feynman-Kac type formula to study fermionic systems. In this approach the real time or the imaginary time dynamics is expressed in terms of the evolution of a collection of Poisson processes. A computer implementation of this formula leads to a family of algorithms parametrized by the values of the jump rates of the(More)
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